Brushing up photoshop

Feeling like your artistic endeavors are falling flat lately? Need a little pickup?

If you haven’t already started exploring the wonderful world of brushes you’re missing out on a world of possibilities. Whether it’s adding flourishes to invitations to give them an elegant touch or creating a collage brushes make it easy. All it takes are a few simple steps to get yourself going, here’s the rundown:

1. Hop online and start looking for “photoshop brushes”. You’ll be confronted with a huge list of sites that provide downloads to all kinds of brushes. Make sure you check the permissions for each brush and note them. Some folks are willing to let you use their brushes for any type of application, others have restrictions on commercial use. Remember to play nice, these folks are sharing their hard work with you, give credit where credit is due.

2. Create a folder somewhere handy like your desktop and save your brushes to that folder. The files that you download will usually be in .zip format and we’ll need to extract them later to use them. If you don’t already have it, you should consider getting WinRar ( it’s a handy free tool to compress and extract a number of formats.

3. Extract your brushes. I usually highlight, right click and use winrar to “extract here” that way most of the brushes will end up in one folder. You can then sort by file type to select all your brushes. You’ll be looking for the .abr extenstion. Highlight, right click and copy.

4. Open up your Adobe PS Program Folder and look for a folder called Presets and then Brushes. Paste your brushes into this folder and we’re ready to go. We are just pasting into the Brushes Preset folder for the sake of simplicity, you can load them from any location.

5. From photoshop: Create a new image, let’s say 1000×1000 to play around with. Select the brush tool, and you’ll see your brush options on the top toolbar. Select the pull down next to the brush & the button on the top right of that window. You will see all of your brushes that you downloaded. I’ve gone through and renamed most of my brushes, you can do so by changing the file names in the Presets/Brushes folder. You may also want to select Large Thumbnails to get a better idea of what your brush is going to look like.

Friday Quickie! – Selecting Multiple Items

Ever find yourself in a situation where you need to select a block of items or specific items out of a file list?  Here’s two simple ways of selecting specific text or items.


This will allow you to select a block of items.  Start by clicking the first item you’d like and hold down Shift, click your final item and you will have highlighted every item in between.


Select individual Items – To select indivudual items from a list (e.g. individual cells in Excell or Files in a Folder), Hold down Ctrl and left click each item.


Other Suggestions or helpful hints?  Add them to the comments below.

Are you making the most of business listings on the internet?

I can remember when I was a kid and the phone book was thick enough to use as a stepping stool.  These days the phone book that gets dropped off here at our offices is barely wider than a National Geographic.  While the phone book is still a viable means of getting your company information out there, it’s something that’s almost never used.


Adding your company on search engine business listings is easy and it’s free, and it’s the best way to get customers in your front door.  But one of the largest difficulties, epecially in large metropolitan areas is getting your company ranked higher so that it shows up in the top ten lists of search engines.  Here are some simple ways to make your company more visible:


Multiple Postings:  Take charge of the busniess listings on multiple search engines, Google/Yahoo/Bing great places to start, but consider adding your company to additional sites like – CitySearch, Yelp,,, Yellowbook, Merchant Circle, Superpages.


Additional Information:  The best way to make you listing more visible is to add your company information to your listing.  The more information the better.  Include additional contact information, hours, services, descriptions of services and website address if you have one.   Be sure to include a picture of your shop.  If you have an an 800 number be sure to add your local number as well.  And most importantly make sure that you business is listed in the correct category!


Reviews:  Invite your customers to share their experiences working with you.  One or two favorable customer reviews can have a huge effect on whether or not potential customers decide to use your service.  That being said, negative reviews can have just as much if not more pull.  You should make it a habit of searching for your company every now and then and responding to negative comments.  There have been cases where competing companies have written unfavorable reviews in order to pull business their way.

These steps are just the start, and apply to just about every type of local business.   This article is intended as a general guide, if you have ideas you’d like to add feel free to comment below.  All comments will post pending review.


Chris @ Calitech

Not a Valid Win 32 File Time – Server 2008 IIS

Not a Valid Win 32 File Time – Parameter Name: File Time

Interesting little tidbit that I ran into after one of my buddies was working on webcode via remote desktop.  I’m guessing that the problem was caused by leaving the file open during a forced reboot on a Server 2008 Box.  The site he was working on was setup as an application within a subfolder of his main site.  Two other applications that he had running on the same domain were running fine, but he was unable access these apps via the IIS interface.

Long story short:

  • Webpage would not come up
  • The webpage was setup as an application in a subdirectory of his main site
  • Upon opening up IIS, and trying to examin the issue he ran into the error message above.

Quick Fix:

  1. Check the original file being worked on for a valid datestamp (in this case there was none)
  2. If problem persists stop the website via IIS
  3. Create new website for the domain in IIS
  4. Add the applications from the original site.

While it’s not a pretty fix, it did get the site back up and running in around 10 minutes.

Netflix Vs. Satellite

I was was making my way through a tech superstore this weekend when I was approached by a salesman from a satellite TV company.  He enquired as to whether or not I currently had service or if I would like to try a subscription and recieve 3 free months of premium movie channels.  I replied to the gentleman that I subscribed to netflix, but I appreciated his offer. 

 With a sigh, the gentlman sat back down at his table and began absently drumming his pencil.  Feeling as though I had let some of the air out of his balloon and because I was browsing right next to him I asked if he had heard my excuse much that day.  Weary, the man said that he had heard the same excuse in one form or another… it’s either Netflix, Hulu or some other website.  I wished him luck, took my 10 dollar blue ray copy of  Point Break and made my way to the check-out line.  Having subscribed to Netflix for the last few months and dropping my cable service, I wondered who else had joined me and why.

There are some serious advantages to Streaming Media

  • On Demand – Thousands of movies and entire seasons of shows are available whenever you want to watch them
  • Variety of Devices – Services like Netflix are available via Xbox, PS3, Wii and many newer DVD players and TV’s
  • Cost Factor – 60+ dollars a month VS. 9 bucks for Neflix makes the choice easy
  • Portability – Have a laptop or internet connected computer?  You can watch your shows
  • Obscure Factor -Seasons of Greatest American Hero, MSTK3000, Neverwhere or old school Kung Fu anyone?


But there are always drawbacks:

  • Sports – If you subscribe to services like NFL Sunday ticket, stay right where you are… unless the game is showing locally, you are out of luck
  • HD – While many services boast streaming HD, oftentimes the signal will be downgraded for bandwidth
  • Delays- Don’t expect to see shows right away, the wait may be days or weeks.


So what is the final word?  For myself, netflix and rabbit ears is enough.  I like to throw on a show while I am cooking or working on a project, I do miss Sunday Ticket durning football season.  If I had invested thousands of dollars into a home theater system it wouldn’t make sense to skimp on satellite service.  Times are tough, and when you are looking at a 60+ dollar bill every month vs 9 bucks for netflix?

Open Office

Feel like you are going to fail in life because you don’t have microsoft office?  Just picked up a laptop and you don’t feel like shelling out 100+ bucks on the newest version of office?  All is not lost, there are open source alternatives to Office.  Let’s face it with times being a difficult as they are now, it’s not always possible to pick up premium software.  If you head out to you can pick up an office suite that offers many of the same options of the more pricey standard.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Open Office is Free
  2. No it is not as fully featured as office
  3. Open Office runs great, but there will be a couple of extra seconds of load time
  4. You have the option of saving in MS Office format
  5. If you hunt around you can find priced down versions of MS office
  6. Open office does the job, and is worth exploring
  7. I have not found a better free office suite

Need Better Fonts?

You just picked up a new PC and realize that you have absolutely NO FUN
FONTS on your computer.  You scroll up, you scroll down… and nothing…
just Times New Roman and a neverending string of blah styles.

It’s a good thing that
is here to cure your designs of BLAHfontitis.  The site is entirely
free and has fonts for both Mac and PC.  You’ll find yourself pouring
over pages upon pages of fonts categorized by font name or style. 
These fonts are provided free of charge for you to download, or you can
order the full font package for about 20 bucks.

To install a font on the PC, use the following steps:

  1. create a folder on your desktop called fonts
  2. open up
  3. browse the fonts until you find one you like
  4. click on the download link right of the font
  5. save the file to the folder you created
  6. rinse/repeat till you are done downloading
  7. use WINRAR to extract the files to your folder
  8. delete the fluff files (any files that are not a font)
  9. cut/copy/paste your files to c:\windows\fonts
  10. test your fonts by opening your word processor or graphics editor

Thankyou, and Fare Thee Well

     For the last 10 years the staff and students of the school district have been not only good friends, but family.  I consider myself blessed to have spent this time amongst such wonderful people.  As I leave the district I take with me a wealth of experience and happy memories, and I am grateful to all of you for the time that we’ve shared. 

     I’m headed off to do web/database/office work for a global database company off the hill, the job has plenty of opportunity for growth and wonderful folks to work with.  It’s going to be a huge transition for me moving into a quiet office environment.  It sounds strange now, but I’ll miss the phone ringing off the hook and the randomly entertaining things the kids do.

     As we all move forward there is going to be some transition time, and if you need me don’t hesitate to call.  My home will still be up the hill, and if I need to make the 5 minute journey up the road to knock out a quick problem I will.  The district has given me 10 great years and there’s no way I can turn my back on a friend in need.

    As I see this missive grow ever larger I am reminded of something one of my middle school English teachers taught me:  A letter or an article should be  short enough to be interesting… but long enough to cover the topic.  So in the spirit of brevity I bid you all a fond farewell, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of your company and support.

Mr. Coffee